Holistic Pathways Reflexology and Therapy with Jenny Collins

Reflexology for Relaxation & Wellbeing

REFLEXOLOGY dates back thousands of years and was used by the Egyptians and Chinese.
Reflexology is an ancient principle which induces deep relaxation and restfullness allowing the body's natural healing process to begin.
It is believed that the map of the body is represented in the feet, the feet mirroring the body and by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet corresponding parts of the body are stimulated inducing deep relaxation that enables healing.

What conditions can Reflexology help?

Reflexology can help with conditions such as:

Back pain
Stress & Anxiety
Panic attacks
Digestive disorders
Aches & Pains

Who can be helped by Reflexology ?

Most people can benefit from a reflexology treatment from Children to the Elderly.
Reflexology can be likened to having an MOT for the Whole Body.

PRICE £38.00

Testimonial :
Jenny has treated me for chronic back pain and sciatica, I always leave her treatment room feeling relaxed, pain relieved and wellbeing uplifted.
She has an amazing calming manner and a special way of helping people whatever the problem.
A wonderful Healer and person!
Thank you Jenny.
Lindsey M.

What Happens during a Refelxology Treatment?

Initial treatment can take approx 90 minutes, this allows time for a full consultation
of your medical history, health issues and lifestyle, as this an important aspect of the treatment,
to understand all factors that may be effecting your health.

Treatment takes place seated or lying on a couch, socks and shoes are removed.
I will examine the feet and commence a relaxing foot massage before applying specific pressure all over the feet and reflex points

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