Holistic Pathways Reflexology and Therapy with Jenny Collins

Spiritual Healing - Reiki & Aura Balancing

I joined the NFSH and learned how to balance energy (Chi) in the body and chakras.
How crystals can play a major part in healing as well as the energy of colour relating to the chakras.

After 2 years as a probationary healer I sat before a panel of healers to demonstrate my skill as a healer and passed my exam!
I was extremely proud to be a full Healer member.

I have given healing to many people over the past 18 years and find the gift of healing seems to work in many different ways,
as each person comes with very different reasons.
Healing is not necessarily for someone who is ill!
A person may feel anxious, stressed, recently bereaved or 'just out of sorts'.
Healing can assist with physical health, emotional/ mental issues and most people leave feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, balanced and better than when they arrived.

What to expect from your Healing session

After a full consultation, you will be asked to recline fully clothed on a couch.
I will proceed to assist you with colour and breathing exercises before the Healing begins.
I will work on the auric field to balance chi energy and the chakras, then proceed with hands on healing.
The whole procedure can take 45 minutes.

PRICE £32.00

Distance Healing

I offer distance healing for those who cannot manage to visit me for whatever reason.
If you have a loved one you feel could benefit from distance Healing,
Please email me with their name and I will add them to my healing book.

What lead me into Healing?

In 1996, my elderly dog was bleeding from the nose which was distressing for him and had continued for 3 weeks. The anti-biotics hadn't improved matters and we feared the worst! As I watched him laying on the floor I intuitively wanted to put my hands on the affected area, as I did this I could feel heat coming from my hands and becoming hotter! I could feel the aura of my dog like a force field around him, I continued to lay my hands on his nose for several days. He regained his strength and made a complete recovery!
I found this absolutely amazing and was eager to find out more about the aura (energy field around the body) and hands on healing.

I continue to give Animal Healing, mainly to cats, dogs, reptiles, horses etc.
They all seem extremely receptive to the healing energy and the use of crystals to good effect and a positive outcome.

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